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South Africa averages 1 specialist anaesthetist to every 52 000 people. The European average is 1 to 6000-8000. There are fewer than 1300 anaesthetic specialists on the African continent, with the majority being from South Africa (750) and Egypt (250).

About 150 years ago, a small medical audience in Massachusetts saw practical anaesthesia for the first time and surgery would never be the same again. Possibly no medical discovery has proved more beneficial to humanity; not only from its elimination of immense suffering, but because surgery itself has accomplished more in this short interval than in all the preceding millennia.

Surgery impossible a generation ago is carried out routinely today. Safety is paramount, and ultimately, it is the anaesthetist's own skills and knowledge that determines patient safety.

Formed with the objective of raising funds to support training and research, The Anaesthetic Foundation, a registered Section 21 company, is administered by a Board of Directors drawn from senior anaesthetists in private practice.

In an effort to maximize the benefit to funded initiatives, The Foundation precludes the payment of any dividends or bonuses to any of its members or subscribers. In the event of dissolution, available funds may be distributed only to other associations or institutions with similar purposes. All subscriptions/donations are deemed tax-deductible as agreed by the Receiver of Revenue.

The primary objective is to maintain and improve academic training in Anaesthesiology. Some objectives include:

  • Ensure ongoing, pioneering academia in the form of an annual academic meeting.
  • Urgent upgrades/replacement of outdated or redundant research equipment used in anaesthetic procedures.
  • Financial support for registrars and lecturers to keep abreast of current trends.

Secondary aims include:

  • Improvement of anaesthesia standards in poorly-serviced areas.
  • Increasing the reach of anaesthetic expertise.
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